Pole vault

PV Standards Elite

art nr 3106200A

Worlds most modern 360° foldable pole vault standard made 100% of aluminum. The crossbar holder is controlled by a crank and a driving belt of armoured nylon material. Inside the profile a measuring tape runs that continuously shows the exact height of the bar at eye level. The stable base can be moved laterally and the standard is easily dismounted to allow change of jump site. Foldable at 80 cm height in any direction. Height from 150 to 635 cm. IAAF Certified


PV protection pad Elite

art nr 3106206

Protection pad for Elite Pole Vault stands.
Protects both athlete and the vaulting pole to be damaged.


Telescopic PV standard

art nr 3100400

Telescopic IAAF certified pole vault standard for competition use. The standard is the made of aluminum including a foot of powder-coated steel with wheels for easy transport. The standard also have two crossbar holders and easy to read measuring tape. Easy to move from 0 point to 80 cm. Hight from 240 till 630 cm.


Manual PV scoreboard 0-80

art nr 1130292

Manuall Pole Vault scoreboard that shows 0-80.


Anti-roll PV Crossbar

art nr 2126421

Our new IAAF certified 4,5 m fiberglass crossbar with new groundbreaking anti-rolling ends. The crossbar ends are in half circle shape. The ends lower the center of gravity point, that makes the crossbar much more stable and more or less impossible to roll on the crossbar holder. We have also made the fiberglass tube heavier than standard crossbars available on the market.


End Cap Anti-Roll

art nr 2126422


Crossbar fibreglass 4.5 m

art nr 3126450

Made of high quality fibreglass and equipped with approved end pieces according to new IAAF rules. Length 4.5 m. IAAF certified no E-99-0193.


Foam crossbar

art nr 2126415

Elastic crossbar both for high jump and pole vault training.


Garage for Poles

art nr 3130002

Garage for poles made of solid galvanized steel contruction and aluminium plate. If you are in need of storing your poles securely, this is the strongest and safest solution in the world.


Pole rack mobile

art nr 3130001

Pole rack made of steel with room for 20 pcs pole bags


Pole rack

art nr 3130000

A powder coated rack which holds the fragile vaulting poles during competitions. Holds 10-12 poles.


Athletics shelter mobile

art nr 2300010

A robust, flexible solution for seating at your arena where athletes get protection from sun and rain.
Made of sturdy steel profile with ribbed roof cladding. Adjustable height and with 8 seats.
Collapsible wheel for easier transport is mounted underneath.


Crossbar placer

art nr 3142447

Telescopic model made of aluminium.


Runway mat 12 mm

art nr 1100009

Runway mat for HJ, PV, LJ, etc. Made of all-weather material. The mat is delivered per roll 10 m x 1,25 m and is 12 mm thick. A durable mat with perfect recoil. Colour: black.


Player Booth Plus 3 m

art nr 1010510

Player booth with wheels based on our popular LongLife goals. The dimensions are 3x2x2 m, with wooden benches for 10-13 persons in two heights. Blue covers with windows in PVC plastic. The canvas is mounted directly on our robust aluminum profiles.


Vault Box Collar

art nr 2110509

Too cover all hard surfaces between vault box and the landing pit. No interference with the vaulting pole.


Vault Box Collar with wings

art nr 2110510

Too cover all hard surfaces between vault box and the landing pit. Safety wings provides additional protection by padding exposed Vault Box edges.


Pole Vault Box Rounded

art nr 3141449A

Made of strong chequered plate of aluminium with fixation for concrete embedment and water drain hole. Now with Rounded corners up to IAAF rule 183.8.
IAAF certified no E-99-0011.


Pole Vault Box Lid

art nr 3143477

Made of strong chequered plate of aluminium and adapted for track coating on top side.


Measuring device pole vault

art nr 3100443

Made of aluminium. Adjustable upper part with an angle mounted on top. Makes the reading easy and 100 % accurate. Measures 300-620 cm.


Telescopic measuring device

art nr 3100444

Telescopic measuring device with built-in measuring tape. Maximum measuring range 8 m.


Wind indicator

art nr 1150317

Wind sock on a steel stand.